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The VP500 is our top-of-the-line real-time tracking device, designed as a universal solution for 24/7 visibility and continuous vehicle tracking.

Tracking Systems Australia
Tracking Systems Australia

Very affordable peace of mind for people who don’t want to be another statistic. And if the worst were to happen, the location of your machine is only 3 clicks away!

Select a GPS Tracking Systems that best suits your Requirements.

                                             provides the highest quality satellite tracking solutions for your company, fleet,Custom Cars, everyday Vehicles, Boats, Jet skis,  Motor Bikes or recreational vehicle.

Whether you are concerned about the security of your Motorcycle parked on the street, or your Jet ski parked in your garage,  WE CAN TRACK IT FOR YOU!

How to protect your car

Vehicle Tracking Device

The VP400 is our most versatile device, designed for quick and easy installation with no need to splice wires. It can be installed in seconds, and with the optional Y-cable, the unit can be covertly installed under the dash in most light-duty vehicles such as cars, pickup trucks and vans.

Vehicle Tracking Device
Vehicle Tracking Device

The BAT50 is an asset-tracking device designed to provide the user with a once daily locate


The AT282-TT is a part of the Stealth Position Tracking asset tracking line. Unlike the BAT50, it requires a power source; however, it does contain an internal backup battery.

Asset Tracking Device

21 Years of Quality Installation Experience

By Qualified Auto Electricians

No Holes Guarantee

Life Time Warranty on Tracking System Installations

Specialists in affordable Company Fleet, Motorcycle and Recreational Vehicle satellite tracking

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The VP390 is our mid entry-level device, designed as a universal solution for 24/7 web-based visibility and continuous minute-by-minute tracking.

Battery Asset Tracker
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