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                                WE CAN TRACK IT FOR YOU !

GPS Tracking is a very affordable peace of mind for people who don’t want to be inconvenienced or be a another statistic.

The fact that you know where your car is, Or you have left it parked at a garage that requires you to leave your keys behind, or you have left your vehicle parked at the airport car park for business.  

Maybe your even concerned with the new garage mechanic, and your not sure if there doing the right thing by you, or possibly driving you car around for no reason, or worse getting a fine while driving your car, And hiding it from you.

With the GPS Vehicle Tracking System there is no hiding a speeding fine or parking fine from you, you can have a daily report and know exactly where your vehicle has been for the whole day.

Not to mention we’re  pretty sure you’re insurance company would be more than happy to insure you, and possibly even give you a rebate.

We have a position tracking systems to suit your requirements, Some of the benefits we would be assisting you with below are.

 * Stolen Vehicle  Location & Recovery    * Stolen Boat Location & Recovery

 * Stolen Jet ski Recovery & Location     * Fleet Management       * Asset Tracking

 * Field Service Management                 * Field Sales                 * Trailer Tracking

 * Surveillance * Stolen BOB Cats          * Trailer Sign Tracking    * Transit Tracking         

There really is no need for extremes >