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Tracking Systems Australia
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How to protect your car

Ideal for use in personal vehicles, company vehicles or corporate leased vehicles, Executive focuses on systematically recording vehicle travel usage which combats unauthorized vehicle usage, reducing insurance premiums.

All information is available for you to monitor and manage in real-time through our comprehensive, user-friendly GRIDTRAQ internet web portal which can be accessed, online, from any computer with an Internet connection.

GRIDTRAQ Executive generates an electronic logbook as you drive allowing you to use the information to qualify for an insurance premium reduction, on your annual tax claim or for monthly evaluations of business travel or driving style. What could be more convenient?

GRIDTRAQ Executive is the ultimate in vehicle

monitoring protection giving you maximum

Personal assurance.

There really is no need for extremes

Maximum Personal Assurance                        

GRIDTRAQ Executive is designed for the individual’s personal assurance.

Specialists in affordable Company Fleet, Motorcycle and Recreational Vehicle satellite tracking

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