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Fleet Max is the flagship of GRIDTRAQ’s GPS/ GSM/ GPRS fleet management systems.

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There really is no need for extremes

Fleet Max comprises of all of GRIDTRAQ’s gps tracking systems is the most advanced technology in fleet management, fully upgradeable at any time via remote. Developed specifically for Logistics and Supply Chain Operations; Mobile Workforce Management, Emergency Services Applications and Professional Haulage, Fleet Max is a truly innovative, customer-focused solution.

21 Years of Quality Installation Experience

By Qualified Auto Electricians

No Holes Guarantee

Life Time Warranty on Tracking System Installations

Based on the leading world-class technology, Fleet Max provides the most comprehensive, real-time Gps Tracking Systems vehicle management, truly differentiating Fleet Max as a premium management system.

Specialists in affordable Company Fleet, Motorcycle and Recreational Vehicle satellite tracking

Gridtraq Fleet Max Tracking systems & Tracking Systems
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Premier Management System
Gridtraq Fleet Max GPS Tracking Systems
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Fleet Max offers technologically advanced features such as high definition tracking, driver scores, collision reports, detailed journey summary reports and route adherence. Fleet Max also allows for the addition of multiple inputs such as driver ID monitors, tilt switches, cargo door monitoring and impact sensors. All designed, engineered and developed by our dedicated Research and Development team.

This advanced, affordable technology will reduce your fleet costs by improving operating efficiency. Our vehicle tracking system is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing you to personally track and locate your vehicles with just the touch of a button through our comprehensive, user-friendly GRIDTRAQ internet web portal.

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