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The Entry-Level GPS Tracking device is specifically engineered to report every 24 hours and then go back to sleep, enabling this self-contained battery-powered device to last a minimum of 1-year on a single battery. The BAT50 can be affixed to any asset to provide intelligent monitoring of non-powered mobile and fixed assets. Like all to Stealth Position Tracking products, it can be a part of a universal solution, mixed with our continuous-tracking devices and visible utilizing the same web-based software. The device communicates using the GPRS data network. The BAT50 is water-resistant and is protected against dust as well as high-pressure water jets. Because it is designed to be exposed to the environment, the GPS and cellular antennas are completely integrated. Completely portable system.

The 2nd entry-level GPS tracking device VP390 is different, the unit is engineered and built with the quality components needed to meet the high reliability requirements and designed for fleets that have basic vehicle tracking needs.

The VP390 is a robust fleet device that not only allows one-sensor input but also supports remote door unlock, PTO Input, and starter disable features. And also shows such components as vehicle location, route, stops, harsh braking,tailgate operation and speed.     Real Time’ tracking.

Designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions, the VP390 is supported by our optional 3-year extended manufacturer’s warranty.

With the advanced GPS tracking system, you are provided with an option that is designed for larger company fleets, In addition to remote door unlock and starter disable, the VP500 is engineered to support up to four digital sensors/inputs for monitoring activities of the vehicle such as plow up/down or sirens on/off. The VP500 also has the most store-and-forward buffer capacity of any to Stealth Position Tracking product. Like all of our products, it includes configurable parameters and firmware that can be updated over-the-air.

It also is supported by our optional 3-year extended warranty.   Real Time’ tracking

Where can I Find a GPS Tracking System?

While there are many different places that you can find a GPS tracking system to purchase, there are options that are predominantly better than others. One of the most popular and renown places for purchasing such an item is that of Tracking Systems Australia. They offer a wide variety of different types of GPS vehicle tracking systems, and also offer a Nationwide Installation service all at reasonable prices, and all with helpful information on the basics of each separate product, as well as the best method to use each one.

Tracking Systems Australia! GPS tracking product line helps companies with mobile fleets by helping them to reduce operating costs, as well as to manage their mobile assets more efficiently. They also help to reduce rising fleet expenses, raise fleet efficiency, reduce car and truck operating costs, reduce time spent at unauthorized locations and monitor the activities of mobile personnel more efficiently and effectively.